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Worlds most expensive iphonecase?

Could it be the most expensive? Forged out of a single block of stainless steel with wood on the back.

Read swedish article här!

Read English article here!

Manufacturers hompage here. They will protect your Iphone in a exclusive and good way!


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Swedish people are bad at erasing their hd when computer is sold

From the newsservice Omni:

Swedish people are bad at earsing personal data on their pc:s when selling them. Dagens Nyheter gave a security company this task: Buy used computers from Blocket, Tradera and second hand stores. When analysing it turned out that 42 out of 51 contained personal data. 39 contained large amount of data and 9 of then contained photos of credit cards or dokument with bankaccount numbers.
- I had expected we would find some data here we really found evrything. This was way more than expected said Calle Svensson, IT-forensics ar securitycompany Bitsec.

Sources in swedish:

To really erase your mac do like this: On a newer mac, reboot and hold down cmd and r. The mac will now start i recoverymode. When started choose disk utility. Markera in left collum the unit you want t erase, if you are selling it choose the whole HD (usually top choice). Click on erase, choose name on hd, use OS X Extendes journaled ans Apple partion map.
Varning: once you click on the erase button you cant go back. This goes for system 10.11 El Capitan. There are even safr ways to erase data but if your mac have a ssd (solid state drve) this erase will make it very difficult to find any data.



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New Macbook PRO - Magic Toolbar!

A small sensation really, Apple leaks news about a new MacBook Pro before the event on thursday october 27.
The upper row on the keyboard is now replased by a oled toolbar, the Magic Toolbar. This means that these "keys" can change dynamicly according to what application you work with at the moment. Im sure there will be more new stuff on it but for that we need to wait another 36 hours.
Link to swedish MacWorld.

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