About web and your sajt 2017

Publish the content for your visitors, HTTPS & responsive.
My conclusion is: , make your page adapt to your visitors platform (responsive) and create good content thats convenient for your visitor / customers and dont mind separating smobileversions, pads or desktop. Get https!

All effort should be: create good content.
Manage your marketingbudget and use them in the channels that best suits your needs. If you are selling something that people google about, find out their keyword phrases and use them in your content, thats search engine optimization, SEO. Maybe the best strategy is to use most of your marketing budget to create good content.

If you sell services i am convinced that relationship marketing is best. Share knowledge to gain trust is best in the long run though it takes some time to build it.

Of course its important to be on the first page of google or to have many wiews on Facebook regardless if you are selling services or products. Now this requires some delicate handlig,  suppose you get "hunted" by ads about "clothes in big sizes" when i have been searching for healhy food to loose weight! . You have to create ads within good taste and prensent them in good context. Correct ad in the right place at the right time.

Most important is the way we comunicate our messege in the digital channels.
Tech is not imortant regardless if it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest os some other place.
It is HOW we comunicate thats imortant combined with where your visitors or customers is. Where they are online - there you shall be!

Measure, measure and measure what customers do.
Do not work blindly, measure what your visitors / customers do on your site, what links they click on, how they do, where they stop and last but not least: where/when do they leave your site. This info will tell you what is working and what is not. Now you can decide how to improve futher.

Google has made some big changes in 2016
Google have told the world that they will divde their search index into two, one desktopindex and one mobileindex. They will update the mobileindex faster. It is obvious that the mobile index is most important and that they differ in the indices for mobile and desktop also means that they will rank sites differently depending on whether the visitor is using mobile or desktop and how well the site handles both. They will thus be better and better at distinguishing between what interests mobile visitors and desktop visitors.
This is good info that you can put to good use.

HTTPS is a ranking signal in Google
Https is not considered an important rankingsignal BUT Google Chrome will mark sites without https as ”unsafe”. That will cause fewer people to click on those links in a searclist. They will start with sites that uses creditcards and logins already in januari 2017. The next step will mark sites as unsafe when the visitor uses the incognito-mode  and finally all sites that is not using https will be marked unsafe. That means that you should get https now.

High Sierra 10.13.3 is close to launch

You who know me are aware that i am superconservative when it comes to new system software. I have NOT installed High Sierra yet but when they launch 10.13.3 i will. By that time all the worst errors should be out. Read more here.

It is close to 6 months since High Sierra was relaesed and that is (according to me) a proper time to wait before you instal new system software on your computer. Also BEFORE you do be sure to check that all non-apple software you use supports the version you are about to instal.

Update 20180124: Is here now but what is really new? On surface its only minor changes. The big change is "under the hood" in form of a new filesystem. This will futureproof yourv computer and will make some operations much faster. Safari, photos and Mail is the "apps" that have been improved so if you use them you will have some impoved experince.. Read more.

IOS 10.3.2

Apple have released a minor update of the 10.3 IOS. This is a bug and security update. You should instal it AFTER you do a backup of your phone.

Want to know more? Read this!


IOS 10.3.2 S

Apple har släppt en mindre uppdatering av 10.3 IOS. Det är en bugg- och säkerhetsuppdatering. Du bör installera den EFTER att du har säkerhetskopierat din telefon.

Vill du veta mer? (på engelska)

 Read this!


Joomla security and administration

”Lock the door" on your homepage
Why is it so important to always have the latest software updates on your Joomla-site?
Joomla is one of the biggest cms (content managment system) in the world and are constantly evolving to be the best and most advanced cms. It is built on the tech of PHP och SQL. Now, unfortunately, the Internet is also populated by people with evil intentions who in different ways is trying to take control of and abuse websites. As web site owners so you always need to keep your site updated to keep your front door closed and locked to anyone who you do not want to change the content of your website. You do this by always having the latest security updates installed, both in Joomla core and extensions. In addition, it is important to always keep current backups.

We can help you with this!

You can buy a subscription of us where we constantly keep track of your website with respect to security, backups and softwareupdates. This service is comparable to always keep your front door closed and locked for all that you do not particularly want to be able to come in and make changes. Locking the door is NOT a guarantee against intrusion, but it makes things much more difficult for the "evil". If you do become a victim of an attack, we can clean up your website but it's NOT included in the subscription.
What does it cost?
1 year subscription will cost 4000 SEK / website.
Of course, you need not buy subscriptions, we can also work by the hour charging 890 SEK / hour.

Office Word 2016 recover for mac

Word crashes and you have not saved for a long time!! Sounds familiar? Here is some tips how to simplifi recovery of wordfiles (lost).

First change the default place where word saves recovery files. I have coosen my dropboxaccount so i always have them handy AND backuped.

In word choose Woed menu and choose alternative/ searchpaths

word recover eng path

Notice after Autorecoverfiles that i have changed the path to my dropboxaccount. Now i always know where my autorecoverfiles "land" . Tip: keep that folder in wiew and you can see the autorecover files pop up when running Word.
Here is  pict from How to set the correct pref.

word recover recover pref

Default is 10 mins but you can have any value you want. Done yet? Now you are in total control of recover wordfiles!

Secure your mac against theft

Of course use a password to open your mac.

And of course use autolock when you leave your mac for some period of time.

And of course in icloud, activate "Find my mac".

Now for the goodie: In System preferences/Security and integrity/General , Unlock the padlock, Say yes to Password after screensaver kicks in, yes to write a messege on the locked screen and yes to turn off automatic login.
Write a messege, pehaps like this:

If found pls call +xx xxxxxxx , Computer will be wiped, bricked and of no value if stolen.


This is the best you can do to make life harder for any thief.

Sierra 10.12.5 update

Mac OS X Sierras fifth update is out. I have just installed it myself and everything seems to work.

This is a security and bug fix. It should definitely be installed AFTER you are sure you have backup!



Read more here


SU Why does mail go into my spamfolder?

There are mainly 3 possible reasons for that.
1. The central spamfilter canit is triggerd. Read more about canit here.
2. Your local mailclients spamfilter is triggerd. The solution here is just to add the senders adress to your local adressbook.
3. In some rare cases i have discoverd that somehow the user managed to block senders in the webmailclient https://ebox.su.se . To fix this just do as follows: Login. In top far right corner, click on the cogwheel, choose alternative, choose block or allow. Check if anything is added to the blocked list that should not be there. In that case remove it.

Swedish people are bad at erasing their hd when computer is sold

From the newsservice Omni:

Swedish people are bad at earsing personal data on their pc:s when selling them. Dagens Nyheter gave a security company this task: Buy used computers from Blocket, Tradera and second hand stores. When analysing it turned out that 42 out of 51 contained personal data. 39 contained large amount of data and 9 of then contained photos of credit cards or dokument with bankaccount numbers.
- I had expected we would find some data here we really found evrything. This was way more than expected said Calle Svensson, IT-forensics ar securitycompany Bitsec.

Sources in swedish: http://tt.omni.se/a115c0e41f603afa942b8d9cc19544041ea7ab2d

To really erase your mac do like this: On a newer mac, reboot and hold down cmd and r. The mac will now start i recoverymode. When started choose disk utility. Markera in left collum the unit you want t erase, if you are selling it choose the whole HD (usually top choice). Click on erase, choose name on hd, use OS X Extendes journaled ans Apple partion map.
Varning: once you click on the erase button you cant go back. This goes for system 10.11 El Capitan. There are even safr ways to erase data but if your mac have a ssd (solid state drve) this erase will make it very difficult to find any data.