Joomla security and administration

”Lock the door" on your homepage
Why is it so important to always have the latest software updates on your Joomla-site?
Joomla is one of the biggest cms (content managment system) in the world and are constantly evolving to be the best and most advanced cms. It is built on the tech of PHP och SQL. Now, unfortunately, the Internet is also populated by people with evil intentions who in different ways is trying to take control of and abuse websites. As web site owners so you always need to keep your site updated to keep your front door closed and locked to anyone who you do not want to change the content of your website. You do this by always having the latest security updates installed, both in Joomla core and extensions. In addition, it is important to always keep current backups.

We can help you with this!

You can buy a subscription of us where we constantly keep track of your website with respect to security, backups and softwareupdates. This service is comparable to always keep your front door closed and locked for all that you do not particularly want to be able to come in and make changes. Locking the door is NOT a guarantee against intrusion, but it makes things much more difficult for the "evil". If you do become a victim of an attack, we can clean up your website but it's NOT included in the subscription.
What does it cost?
1 year subscription will cost 4000 SEK / website.
Of course, you need not buy subscriptions, we can also work by the hour charging 890 SEK / hour.


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