MBW Access files from outside SU

MBW have invested in a new Fileserver. Thats because the old Macserver is from 2008 and needs replacement. We rent this server from SU, IT&Media. It is in their serverhall and is instant replicated to another server in another hall. Furthermore, generation backups are made daily for 60 days and weekly for another 30 days. This means that it is very well protected aginst any threat.


How do i access it from inside SU?
(You must be at MBW and be connecterd to internet with a cable or EDUROAM)

From a PC: \\file.mbw.su.se\G\gr-yourgroupname

From a Mac: cifs://file.mbw.su.se


How do i access it from outside SU or with wifi SU?

Basicly you dont BUT we have managed to make a workaround that actally is almost as simple as before:
This is for both Mac & PC.

1. Download Cyberduck

2. Start CyberDuck see pict1

click on "Ny anslutning"


Användarnamn=your SU-login

Lösenord= Your SU-password

Click "Anslut"


This box will popup: Check "Alltid" and click "Tillåt"


Now you will have a window with all files you can access, when you find the file you want to work with do NOT doubleclick on it, instead rightclick and choose "redigera med" and choose the software (in this case Excel) Start working with your file. As soon as you save it it will be saved on the server. Behind the scenes a copy of the file is brought home to your computer but will be automaticly transferd back as soon as you save it. THis means you do NOT have to keep track on where your latest file is, it will always be on the server. This will work from all over the world with Internet and port 22 open and it usually is.

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