SU roombooking Outlook Mac 2011/2016

Hello. Here is a instruction how to book a room at SU with Mac and Outlook 2011. It also goes for Outlook 2016.

Start your Outlook, choose Kalender, press "Möte" (my computer is in swedish)SU roombook start

Here you can add the members of your meeting. You can do that later also but i think it is easier here, same as if you were to send them an email. Then press "Shemalägg"

SU roombook1

Press + next to "Lägg till rum", the list to the right appears, in the top searchfield write "mbw" or "src" , Find the room you want to have your meeting in and drag n drop it on the line "Lägg till rum" . Pls note that in this wiew you can very easy see if members and rooms are free for your meeting.
OK!!!! now just check that dates, time and mebers are correct and then press "skicka" . A email with invitation are sent to the members you added and within a minute you should recive confirmation from the server that your roombooking are accepted.
On mac outlook you can NOT open roomcalenders so if you want to have an extra check go to and choose Kalender, rightclick on "Andra kalendrar" . Now you can open roomcalenders and have that extra check that your booking got through.

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