Share Calender on SU

This is a walkthrough how to share a calender that you create yourself with others.
As far as me (Bengt) and Gunnar know it will not work to do the setup in outlook so this walktrough is via ebox.

Log in to

Choose Calender (pict)

Delacal1 valjCal

RightClick on My Calenders (pict)
DelaCal2 hogerMina

Choose New Calender (pict)

DelaCal3 NyCal

Rightclick on your new calender and choose "dela kalender"

Choose who you want to share it with. Of course as many as you want. (pict)

DelaCal4 vemdela

DelaCal5 valjvem

DelaCal rights

For each user you can decide if the person only shall be able to look "All information" or to make changes "Redigerare".

Click on "Skicka" And you are done. Can take up to a minute before it shows up in outlook. Maybe restart your outlook app.

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