SSD discs

Do you think your computer are slow as walking in mud? Takes forever to start? You formatted your HD and reinstalled but still slow? I did and more..... 
I siting and
doing this on my MacBook Pro 15 "Core Duo. It is the first intel MBPro ever produced. It is now eight years old. A few months ago, it was so slow that I was about to throw it away but im cheap so I backed up (Time Machine) everything, formatted (erased) hard drive and read back from the backup. Hmmmm little better but still slow. Again, I was about to heave it into the trash, but was stopped at the last second by a colleague who to change HD to the new SSD drives. (SSD means Solid State Disk and contains flashmemories instead of magnetic disks) Check out the test on YouTube here. I switched to that particular they tested Intel X25M 128 GB and WWWoooaaaww My 8 year old Macbook Pro whip almost everything., I start it in 19 seconds., I got a new computer, this works just as well on Windows as Mac. Sooooo do not throw out your old laptop without change to SSD!

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