El Capitan: do i need it and what do i get?

I am always very conservative when it comes to system updates. I am using my computer for important work and i depend on it to work well. New system software always contains faults and are not really "ready" when they are released. EL Capitan have been around now for about half a year and since its release 4 majoe upgrades/fixes has been launched. i have heard that number 5 is coming soon. I have been running El capitan now on one of my computers for a while and i can recomend upgrade! But first a few "must-before-upgrade":
Check that all the software you are using works with El Capitan. Do a new TimeMachine backup. Save this backup. The update is performed though appstore, just follow the instructions. When its done check through appstore/updates so that all "fixes" is in place. Start checkin that evrything works. What do i get then compared with Yosemite?

1. Split the screen. Very good ehen you are working with a big screen to have 2 windows next to each other. Just click and hold the green zoombutton and drag in place or go to Mission control (F3) and drag the relevant windows to the same tumbnail at the top. Im using this feature now, its good.

2. Run Natural searches in spotlight. I dont use this feature and cant rewiev it but these guys can.

3. Edit Photo metadata. When wiewing a picture in photos just click the info/button and then you can change the location to a new spot.

4. Send videos via Airplay. Much easier now, inside Safari click the Airplay button on the bottom of the youtube video and pick your device. More services than Youtube will be added.

5. Pin and mute tabs in Safari.

6. Much Better notes as in IOS9, create checklists, import stuff and do simple formatting.

7. Get public transit directions in Maps. Not working in stockholm.

8. Use fullscreen mode and gestures in Mail. Im a outlook user but these guys know all about it.

9. Bypass the Trash. You can pemanently delete files by pressing Option+cmd+Delete or select the files, hold down option and choose Delete Immediatly from File menu.

10. Find the mouse cursor. This is god on a big screen. Just move your fingers fast over the trackpad or shake your mouse and the cursor grows in size for a short while. makes is mucj easier to find.

11. Hide the menu bar (top) . If you really need all the screenarea you can get you can eanble this option. Just go to System preferences, choose general and tick the box marked. Automaticly hide and show the menu bar.

ok this was it! is it worth upgrading? I think so but you be the judge of that. On WWDC june 2016 Apple will probaly talk about the next system upgrade and it will probably "hit us" autum 2016.

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