Nytt phisngingförsök drabbar SU.    -       New phishing attempts hits SU.

This is NOT from SU. It is phishing and will try to steal your login credemtials. If you already clicked and filled in some details, CONTACT ME NOW

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Pict below is how it looks.


phish Ver Account update

Phishing Apple 1712

Here is a rather clumsy try. They did not bother to hide the emailadress. If you hoover over the link(not clicking) you see the linkadress is way off and the misspelled Apple. If you fall for this...........say no more.



Spam Linked In

I am going to publish spam/phishing that lands in my mail here to help you all to identify and NOT click on any links.

SU Why does mail go into my spamfolder?

There are mainly 3 possible reasons for that.
1. The central spamfilter canit is triggerd. Read more about canit here.
2. Your local mailclients spamfilter is triggerd. The solution here is just to add the senders adress to your local adressbook.
3. In some rare cases i have discoverd that somehow the user managed to block senders in the webmailclient . To fix this just do as follows: Login. In top far right corner, click on the cogwheel, choose alternative, choose block or allow. Check if anything is added to the blocked list that should not be there. In that case remove it.