Office Word 2016 recover for mac

Word crashes and you have not saved for a long time!! Sounds familiar? Here is some tips how to simplifi recovery of wordfiles (lost).

First change the default place where word saves recovery files. I have coosen my dropboxaccount so i always have them handy AND backuped.

In word choose Woed menu and choose alternative/ searchpaths

word recover eng path

Notice after Autorecoverfiles that i have changed the path to my dropboxaccount. Now i always know where my autorecoverfiles "land" . Tip: keep that folder in wiew and you can see the autorecover files pop up when running Word.
Here is  pict from How to set the correct pref.

word recover recover pref

Default is 10 mins but you can have any value you want. Done yet? Now you are in total control of recover wordfiles!

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