Security on mac, do we need that?

To answer my questin short: Yes!

Why? I have heard there is no viruses for mac. Well maybe none or at least very few viruses but there is ransomware, malware, adware and trojans.
Dont you go ahead and install some antivirus software, there are a few tips that easily can boost security that will be enough for the majority of users.
First Go to System Pref/security
System pref

and then
System security

It should look like this. Make sure that you only install software that is from the AppStore or an by Apple approved developer.
If you are installing software that not meet the above claims you must be sure its ok.

If you are on public networks you might want to start your firewall and block all incoming connections. You dont need that at work or at home because the firewall there is usually enough.
sytem firewall

Of course as you can see in the pict you can allow software that you trust to still allow incoming connections.

Your passwords! Passwords are both a blessing and a pain. Pain because passwords that are not used frequently are hard to remember.
One rule that you allways should follow is NEVER USE THE SAME PASSWORD EVERYWHERE! This is superimportant. Im sure you have read articles about passwords from webshops and similar being stolen. If your password is stolen and you use the same for multiple sites you are in a lot of trouble. Yes i know what you are going to say: How the **** am i going to remember the all. I use 1Password from Agilebits . Its a crossplatform app that you can use on Mac, windows, IOS and Android. I have put the keychain on my dropbox (yes its safe they encrypt all files) so the apps on all my devices are connected to the same keychain. Tha means that if i save a password in 1password on my mac its aviable on all my other devices. Ok its not free (develpers must eat too) but i assure you its well invested money.

Last we will talk about FileVault. Its also in system pref and under security. Filevault will encrypt your whole hd. This is good if the computer gets lost/stolen BUT if you forget your password noone can help you. Even Apple themself says they cat break FileVault. I dont use it miself.

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